Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year we celebrated on Saturday.  We carved pumpkins:

Madalyn's pumpkin is on the left and Trevor's (mom's) is on the right

Meredith's (Dad's) pumpkin is on the left and Mackenzie's volleyball pumpkin is on the right.  I wish I could of gotten a good angle on Mackenzie's pumpkin...she carved out the word "volleyball #12" with a person hitting the ball...all freehand!

We did not want to put too much effort into Halloween costumes so I sent the kids looking through our two over stuffed Halloween costumes bins to come up with something.  You know I can get use to this "almost free" Halloween!  Also, we have tons of girl costumes that we were able to share a few with some friends!

Meredith decided on Madalyn's old Pirate Costume:

Trevor decided to be Mario (turns out it was a VERY popular costumes this year).  He wanted to be Goofy, but I convinced him to save that for next year when he would actually go our trick or treating on Halloween!

Madalyn and all her girlfriends were "Super Hero's".  Love the capes and the iron-on "Super Maddy"!

Mackenzie didn't have time to put too much thought into her costume so she hurried and made a tutu the night before and added some butterfly wings, atennas and a wand.  We will call her a "stylish fairy"!

Our church put on a great Trunk or Treat activity on Saturday night.  They served chili, cornbread, salad and drinks.  There were lots of games and face painting also.  At the end of the evening everyone decorated their trunks in Halloween style and the kids went "trunk or treating" to all the cars!

Here is Mackenzie with some of her girlfriends:

Here is Madalyn with all her cute "super hero" friends!

This is Nate...isn't his costume fabulous?!?!?!

Meredith got a flower painted on her cheek:

Remember how I said Mario was a very popular costume this year...I was not kidding.  Here is just a sample of all the Mario's that were there that evening!  They were all chasing eachother around claiming to be the "real" Mario!  So cute!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mia Maid/Teacher Etiquette Night

The Mission Viejo Stake Youth Leaders had an etiquette night for the youth ages 14 and 15.  The youth learned proper etiquette on the computer, with boys/girls, dancing and eating.  It was a fun night for the youth. 
A few parents were asked to set a themed table.  I decided to do a movie theme.  At each place-setting there was a line from a movie. The kids had to guess which movie the line was from.  A great conversation starter!

For example here is one from Napoleon Dynamite:

Mackenzie was able to attend so I got a picture of her table:

Monday, October 18, 2010

San Juan Hills Volleyball 2010

This past summer Mackenzie decided to change her "extra-curricular" focus from musical theater to Volleyball and Basketball.  She went to a few camps at her high school over the summer to help her develop the skill.  Then she announced that she was going to try out for the Volleyball team.  As a parent I was a bit nervous about her not making it since her experience (compared to others who were trying out) was practically non-exsistent!  I thought it was going to be a "sorry you did not make the team" life lesson.

Well, weren't we all surprised and elated when she made the Frosh/Soph Volleyball team!  We were all so excited for her and so was she!!  The practice and game schedule has been difficult (for mom) to keep up with, but the experience has been wonderful.  The all day Saturday tournaments were tough, but were also lots of fun with lots of playing time.

Mackenzie has been developing her volleyball skills and her team has really grown together. 

She picked the #12 because it is the day of her birthday (and it was an even number)

Here are her two coaches:  Austin (asst.) and Brandon (head)

Here is the team...lot of beautiful and talented girls.  #1 and #18 are sooo talented and their volleyball talent is amazing!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010

Now that Trevor has turned 8 years old he has joined the cub scouts.  He is a 'wolf'' and absolutely loves being a scout!  This past week was one of Trevor's first big scout events...the PINEWOOD DERBY!!!  He designed his car all by himself.  Ryan helped with the weights and wheels.  Here is the car that he is VERY proud of...LIGHTING:

Checking in and making sure his car is not over 5 ounces.  His was 5 ounces on the nose!

Here are a few cars lined up and ready to be raced.  The yellow one with black stripes was sooo fast!

Here are a few of the boys being crazy!

The infamous race track...

Start your engines...

Trevor did pretty a few first, second and third places (never got 4th).  Out of everyone he came in 10th place.  There were about 25 or more cars.  Not too bad for being a rookie!

Soccer 2010

Trevor is our only soccer player this year.  Meredith decided that she would rather take ballet and stop soccer.  That is okay with us since that means only one soccer game on Saturday's! 
Trevor's soccer team this year is The Jet's.  He has really gotten pretty good and is enjoying playing.  Here are some action shots:
 The best part for him is that his best friend Matthew is on his team!