Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year we celebrated on Saturday.  We carved pumpkins:

Madalyn's pumpkin is on the left and Trevor's (mom's) is on the right

Meredith's (Dad's) pumpkin is on the left and Mackenzie's volleyball pumpkin is on the right.  I wish I could of gotten a good angle on Mackenzie's pumpkin...she carved out the word "volleyball #12" with a person hitting the ball...all freehand!

We did not want to put too much effort into Halloween costumes so I sent the kids looking through our two over stuffed Halloween costumes bins to come up with something.  You know I can get use to this "almost free" Halloween!  Also, we have tons of girl costumes that we were able to share a few with some friends!

Meredith decided on Madalyn's old Pirate Costume:

Trevor decided to be Mario (turns out it was a VERY popular costumes this year).  He wanted to be Goofy, but I convinced him to save that for next year when he would actually go our trick or treating on Halloween!

Madalyn and all her girlfriends were "Super Hero's".  Love the capes and the iron-on "Super Maddy"!

Mackenzie didn't have time to put too much thought into her costume so she hurried and made a tutu the night before and added some butterfly wings, atennas and a wand.  We will call her a "stylish fairy"!

Our church put on a great Trunk or Treat activity on Saturday night.  They served chili, cornbread, salad and drinks.  There were lots of games and face painting also.  At the end of the evening everyone decorated their trunks in Halloween style and the kids went "trunk or treating" to all the cars!

Here is Mackenzie with some of her girlfriends:

Here is Madalyn with all her cute "super hero" friends!

This is Nate...isn't his costume fabulous?!?!?!

Meredith got a flower painted on her cheek:

Remember how I said Mario was a very popular costume this year...I was not kidding.  Here is just a sample of all the Mario's that were there that evening!  They were all chasing eachother around claiming to be the "real" Mario!  So cute!

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Becca and Derek said...

Love all the Marios! Looks like a fun year!