Monday, October 11, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010

Now that Trevor has turned 8 years old he has joined the cub scouts.  He is a 'wolf'' and absolutely loves being a scout!  This past week was one of Trevor's first big scout events...the PINEWOOD DERBY!!!  He designed his car all by himself.  Ryan helped with the weights and wheels.  Here is the car that he is VERY proud of...LIGHTING:

Checking in and making sure his car is not over 5 ounces.  His was 5 ounces on the nose!

Here are a few cars lined up and ready to be raced.  The yellow one with black stripes was sooo fast!

Here are a few of the boys being crazy!

The infamous race track...

Start your engines...

Trevor did pretty a few first, second and third places (never got 4th).  Out of everyone he came in 10th place.  There were about 25 or more cars.  Not too bad for being a rookie!

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