Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Trevor!

Happy 8th birthday to our FAVORITE son!  We cannot believe you are already eight years old and ready to be baptized!  Your Heavenly Father is pleased with your decision.
We are so thankful to have a son who is so full of energy, tender hearted, close to the Spirit, extremely outgoing, athletic, happy, eager to learn and a self proclaimed ladies man...haha!

Trevor was born with a smile on his face and can usually be found with that same smile daily.  Here he is at 2 months at 6 months and two years old:


Grandma said...

What a doll!!

Becca & Derek said...

Happy Birthday Trevor! I was thinking of you all day yesterday and the year you had that AWESOME horse themed party. Now you're old enough to thank your Mom for not getting "My Little Pony" plates. :) xoxo