Monday, October 5, 2009

More St. George...

While in St. George we were able to do lots of other stuff (besides the marathon). Our Bishop's daughter (also our neighbor) Alyssa attends Dixie College so she hung out with us for the race. After the marathon we took Ryan back to the hotel room so he could recover and the girls went out to lunch. Alyssa took us to this darling lunch spot called Twenty Five Main. It is so quaint and the food was delicious!! The decor at Twenty Five Main had turquise/Tiffany blue, brown and yellow. There were these cute chandeliers and a collage of blue frames. Too bad I did not get some good pictures of it!

Later that day we took a tour of Brigham Youngs winter home. It is really a nice home- I was surprised! In the yard there are pomegranite, pecan, almon and fig trees, cotton and grapes. We were about to pick some almonds off the tree and eat them. They were so good!!! We all agreed we need to plant an almond tree in our yard. Too bad the pecan tree was not in bloom.

Here are the girls infront of the almond tree:

We also visited the Temple.

Of course we ate at Cafe Rio and had ice cream from Icebergs and Nielson's Frozen Custard. Infact we ate so much that I have not been able to eat a thing all day full.....
We drove home on Sunday after the morning session of General Conference. This is what the weather was like on the way home:

Tons of wind!!!
We were so thankful to be able to go and support Ryan in the marathon. It was a perfect little get away and the weather could not have been any better!

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