Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Another school year has begun....so sad to see summer end, but excited for the new adventures ahead for our kids! Here is the low down:
Mackenzie- 8th grade
Madalyn- 7th grade
Trevor- 2nd grade
Meredith- Kindergarten
Meredith was so excited to be part of the "first day of school" picture for the first time! Meredith has Mrs. Keith (the same Kinder teacher as Trevor). We love her! Out of the 15 kids in her class she already knows about 6 of them so she is off to a good start. She is so ready for kindergarten! Mom on the other hand is sad to not have her around all the time. She is my baby and also my little buddy who loves to "help me" :o)!
Luckily she is only gone from 7:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.
Trevor continues to have Mrs. Kovaleski. He had her for first grade and when she decided to move up to 2nd grade she was able to take a select group of current students with her. Trevor was lucky to be one of those select students!
Here he is with Mrs. Kovaleski and his best bud Matthew!

The girls also got really great teachers however they did not want me coming over to the middle school side to "mingle". It was pretty funny when I forced them to give me a kiss good-bye as these cute boys were walking up- haha! Trevor had to add "WE LOVE YOU MADALYN AND MACKENZIE" to add insult to injury- got to love little brothers!


Becca Jones said...

Everyone looks great for the First Day back! xoxo

Grandma said...

Glad everyone had a good day.

Aimee Molloy said...

Look at your kids - they have grown over the summer....