Monday, May 11, 2009

Rockies Baseball

Baseball season began back in February. Trevor was on the Rockies this year and was lucky enough to have his Dad be the Manager! He played coach pitch and did a great job! His favorite positions were first base, third base and short stop. His least favorite was outfield! Since Ryan was the Manager we were lucky to have six boys from church on his team which made for a fun time for all us mom's watching!
Notice who is pitching???

We were not found of our all white uniforms- thank heavens they were made of polyester so all those stains washed out pretty easy!


Becca Jones said...

Yes! I'm so glad Trevor wears his socks the right way! Way to be Trev! :)

Christina said...

oh man!! is the season over? we SO had planned ot come for a game or 2...if i missed them all I am in big trouble!

dont you think it would be awesome if there was a place (a blog, say) where we could list all the different activities and events our families are involved in outside of church activities? i know that if i am interested in supporting those kinds of things, even if my own kids aren't involved, that someone else must be can't just be me who is interested...can it?