Saturday, May 2, 2009


During the past few weeks Mackenzie and Madalyn have performed in two seperate productions of "Hairspray". Being in two different groups meant lots of driving, but in the end it was worth it. Hairspray is such a fun musical and the girls both did a great job! We feel so blessed to have a studio with great producers in our area! It was another positive experience for the girls!!

Here are some shots of Mackenzie's production. She is in the elite class. It has been fun watching the girls in her class get better and better with every production. I am amazed at the growth in their singning, dancing and acting!

Along with being a counsel girl she was also Mrs. Pinky

Madalyn had two friends from school and church in her production. She had so much fun with it (eventhough she did not like her dress)! We thought her dress was cute, but she DID NOT! However in the picture below she sure does a great job showing it off!!!

Madalyn was a counsel member and also an announcer for some of the commercials.

Madalyn with one of her good friends Haylie

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Christina said...

so i think we need a ward blog so everyone can post the happenings in their lives...for instance...i would have LOVED to take my kids to see Hairspray! i LOVE LOVE to watch sporting events, plays, choirs...anything where I know someone who is participating. You MIGHT see us at the last couple of baseball games (we promised Carson Gallovan we'd come watch...he's one of our sunbeams...and Jaycee promised Chris Marquis she'd come cheer him on!)

Next time your girls are in a play...we want to know! My girls LOVE to see plays & musicals!