Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween did happen at our house this year- I just have not had time to blog about it :o)! Sorry for the delay, but we had a great halloween! We started the Friday before with our ward Trunk or Treat. Mackenzie was not able to join us because she was at a birthday party :(. Here is Madalyn with one of her good friends: Trevor and Meredith loved getting candy!
A family in our ward had carved this cute pumpkin. Ironically there was a No on 8 rally happening on the corner by our Ward building as we were trunk or treating. We are so glad it passed, but unfortunately some people are unwilling to accept what the majority of Californias want.

Here is the line up:
Mackenzie- bee (to match all the beehives)
Madalyn- Ladybug
Trevor- Knight
Meredith- Rainbow butterfly

As you see- Trevor did not want to go along with the theme. He thought it should go:
Mom-Royal Queen
Dad- King
Trevor- Prince
Meredith- Royal Princess
Madalyn- Joker
Mackenzie- Royal Horse

The older two wanted nothing to do with Trevor's theme :o)!

This is the first year that Mackenzie wanted to go to a party with her friends so after my husband told me I needed to cut the strings we worked out a compromise. She went out with the family for 30 minutes then I dropped her off at the party. It seems to all work out perfectly. I guess this is the beginning of a new daughters had more parties to go to this year than me!

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Becca Jones said...

Adorable! Wait, they always look adorable. And, Trevor- never fails to crack me up! See you guys in a week! :)