Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Chapter Ends....

Today was a sad day for me. I was released from my calling as the Primary President. Sad? Not relieved- yes, I loved serving the children in our church! I have learned so much in this capacity and have grown in so many ways! This by far has been my favorite calling. Here is some history:

A few weeks before I was called by our Bishop to be the president I had a feeling (the spirit) confirm to me that something big was coming. Once I was called I knew that the spirit was preparing for me to accept a calling that I did not want. It was an amazing feeling when I was called and the spirit sure had a hand in calling my counselors and secretary. I was fortunate to serve with some amazing women! I was also fortunate to be supported by so many wonderful and reliable teachers! It is almost overwhelming!

During the three years I served our primary went from having about 95 kids and 35 nursery to having about 200 kids and 65 nursery. It was a huge primary, but lots of fun! The kids all come from amazing families and it was so great to see them mature and grow! Last June our ward split and the primary was cut back down to the numbers I started out with (95/35) and things seem to be much easier to handle. However that does not mean I did not miss the other 95 kids who moved into the new ward :o)!
Some things I will not miss:
1. Scouts
2. Throw up :o)- thanks Jack!
3. Paperwork/organization of all the teachers
4. Being the one with the final say ;)
Things I will miss:
1. Being able to share in the spirit with the children
2. the "happy birthay" with our special "woo's"
3. Late night meetings with the presidency (1 hour meeting/ 1-2 hours talking)
4. the (folding our arms) magic trick
5. watching the Valiant 12 kids mature and go into the Youth program
6. The Children
7. I am going to stop here because I could go on forever!!!!
I know it was time for my release (after all I served with 3 different RS Presidents, 3 YW Presidents, 2 YM Presidents, 2 EQ Presidents and 2 HP Group leaders). I am thankful to be trusted with the Primary kids for these past three years! I now pass my hat onto a wonderful new president and her presidency. The anticipation has begun over what my new calling will be....!!


Sandi Gentry Photography said...

Wow! I know that sad feeling! I still miss that calling. It was my favorite! You did an awesome job! You were steward over so many children and did it so wonderfully. i always loved the sharing times in your ward. The spirit was so strong and it made it such a great place to be. So thank you for all your diligent service. I know my family is better off because of all your efforts. My kids thank you too!
Much love,

Chrissy said...

You will be missed, that's for sure!

kristy said...

oh danielle! You did such an AMAZING job. You always radiated such a love for those little ones and such grace with organizing all those kids and teachers! I know you will serve with that same love and grace in any calling you have. We sure miss being in the same ward!!

Jodie said...

You did such a great job. When we served in primary before the split, I was always so impressed with how great you were with the kids and how wonderful and organized everything was!

Kari said...

It's a good feeling being released knowing that you did your very best. What a big job you had. Can't wait to hear what your next calling will be.

Jenny Moore said...

I'm sure you were an awesome Primary President!! I have to say that that calling was one of my favorites as well and I still find myself listening to the primary songs while sitting in RS. The kids are great and are wonderful carriers of the spirit.

Larry and Erika Butler said...

Congrats on a job well done...your amazing organizational skills gave me a fabulous start! Some days I wish I had your, "95 kids is nothing!" perspective :)