Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 3- Puerta Vallarta

We took a taxi to downtown Puerta Vallarta. It was so hot and humid that day! The girls really wanted some souvenirs so we endured the heat and humidity for them. Here is what they all found: Mackenzie- three bracelets, Madalyn- Coach Sunglasses, Trevor- a set of 7 rainbow colored stone toucans and Meredith- a bracelet. The toucans were pretty hilarious, but Trevor had his heart set on them. Sorry I did not take pictures of them.

Notice the fork and spoon on the street letting everyone know there is a restaurant there: They got to hold an endangered reptile of some sort (not my thing):

The streets were very narrow:

There was a fun pirate shop by the dock and the kids got a kick out of the skeletons!

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Becca Jones said...

No pictures of the toucans? Ha ha.