Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 2- Cabo San Lucas

We tendered into Cabo on Tuesday where we grabbed a taxi to the Sheraton Resort. The pools were beautiful and so was the sand and ocean! There was a strong undercurrent in the ocean so we stayed out of the water. We did however get a good laugh at those who decided to take a walk along the shore and get knocked off there feet :o)! LOL!! Sounds mean, but it was very entertaining from our lounge chairs!
There was a waterfall seperating two of the pools and the little kids enjoyed climbing up and down it. If we were in Maui the lifeguards would never had allowed it, but in Mexico they just do not care!
Here is the gang!

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Becca Jones said...

Best vacation ever! Seriously, can we go back in time and do it over again? I miss you guys! It's not the same without seeing you all everyday!