Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinkley's passing

Last night I had all the primary teachers in our ward over for an inspirational teacher development night. It was a great evening and I appreciated all those teachers who came. During the breakout session of the meeting we got notice of President Gordon B. Hinkley's passing. He passed away at 7:00 p.m. incident of old age. He was the 15th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have really had a special liking to him. I remember when I was a young adult I was singing at a fireside that he was going to be speaking at (he was the first counselor in the first presidency at the time). I just so happen to sit directly behind him on the stand. He and his wife turned around before the fireside started and talked directly to me- yes me- I felt so loved! He and his wife were so personable and funny- talking about their love of ice cream at night. I will always remember that experience! MANY YEARS later my second daughter Madalyn was born on his birthday ( June 23rd). Madalyn has always prided herself on having the same birthday as the prophet. Good bye President Hinkley! Now you are reunited with your lovely wife! We will miss you!


Kam said...

This was a kind tribute Danielle. It is always sad to see someone we become so close to and admire so much pass away. I have been visualizing his reunion with is wife all week. Sweet, don't you think?

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Hi Jones Family,
Feel free to blog stalk!!! It's good to know someone is reading what I've been writing.
Looks like all is well with the Jones family..growing too fast, right?


I noticed the picture you had on your mantle of Pres. Hinkley. While we were sitting there for the primary meeting and before we heard of his death, I was thinking how lucky we were to have him as our prophet.
He will be missed by so many!
I loved that picture (so candid). Where did you get it?

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

Just thought you might like to see a "blast from your past"!
You wrote a very nice tribute to President Hinckley...he will be greatly missed.

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

Hey Danielle-
It was great to hear from you!!
I found your blog because you put your blog address on your Christmas card!!!!
I didn't get around to sending out Christmas cards, I'll send out birth announcements in April!!

kristy said...

Oh Danielle, I love that you sat by him and he talked to you! What a wonderful moment to always remember. Mark's birthday is June 23rd too!! He feels exactly the same way as Madalyn... so proud that he shared his birthday w/a Prophet.