Thursday, January 8, 2015

Meredith's Birthday Celebrations!

Meredith was lucky to be able to celebrate her birthday four times this year!  First we celebrated with some family at Knott's Chicken House.  

Next we celebrated on her actual birthday with a yummy spice cake that I made! 

The third celebration was at activity days where her leader made these darling hats and served them Thrifty's ice cream! yum!

The last celebration was her friends party.  All her friends met us at a park in Mission Viejo, had pizza, cupcakes and went ice blocking!  It was so much fun!  In between activities we also played some fun games like "psychologist"! Meredith is so lucky to have such sweet friends!

With all the Target gift cards Meredith got from Christmas and her birthday she was able to buy this electric scooter she has wanted for awhile.  She only had to spend $30 of her own money!  It is a pretty fun scooter and it goes 15 miles per hour!

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