Tuesday, December 2, 2014

5th Grade Science Camp

Meredith was able to go to 5th grade Science Camp the week after Thanksgiving break.  The weather was going to be cold so they were all hoping for snow.  However all they got was lots of rain!  Their bags and clothes were soaked.  They were so wet that the camp actually took the kids clothes to a local laundry mat to dry them (thankfully).  The camp was in Big Bear and Meredith had a great time!

 These were very popular Target special boots that lots of girls wore!

 Meredith with her bus mate and room mate Maggie Rasic

 Welcome Home!  We missed having Meredith around.  It was weird to only have four of us at the dinner table each night.  It gave us a sad realization that this is how it will be for our family in 9 months when both Mackenzie and Madalyn are away at College.

 Meredith and Izzy Searle...another good friend and room mate at camp!

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