Tuesday, October 14, 2014

College Visit!

Since this is Madalyn's Senior year it was time to take her on a college tour to see which college she wants to apply to.  Luckily one of the colleges on her list is BYUI...the benefit?  It was the perfect excuse to visit Mackenzie!

Here we are on our upgraded first class seat flight taking a selfie with the stewardess!  Never a dull moment!

A perfect view of the Rexburg Temple from our hotel room!

When we drove by the Temple it was a bit cloudy except for this one formation of blue sky in a heart!

 Madalyn stayed with Mackenzie at her apartment so she could get a taste of college life while Ryan and I stayed in a hotel.  We did not want to "intrude" too much so after church on Sunday I took Ryan for a drive to see some things I use to do when I went to school here.  Ryan had never been to Idaho so he was looking forward to sharing these experiences with me!  I took him to Saint Anthony's to see the Sand Dunes. It was a beautiful day...blue skies with billowy white clouds, fall colors and crisp air!  It was great to get see a real "fall" again with all its beautiful colors!

Ryan at the Sand Dunes
 Sunday afternoon we took a walk through Ricks gardens and the Apple Orchard.  We tried a few apples..some were good some tasted like sour patch kids...yuck!!

 It was so good to be together as a partial family again (the original 4 pack)!  Madalyn realized that there is a lot of studying and homework to do in college as Mackenzie and all her roommates spent a lot of time doing school work.  She enjoyed the campus tour and loved the atmosphere of the school. She could not believe how nice everyone was!  

As parents we were reminded of how blessed Mackenzie is to have such a great apartment, roommates, friends, teachers and school!  She is really lucky!  Her apartment seems to be the hang out pad for all the boys and FHE gatherings.  She is surrounded by really great people who share the same high standards!

 Sunday night I made a roast dinner for all the girls and their significant others.  It was funny to see all the girls sit at the bar and the boys sit on the couch.  Once the food came out it was the only time it was silent in that apartment!  Also on this trip I was finally able to get a decent picture of Mackenzie and Sean.  They are both so goofy that it seems I only get funny pictures of them!

Could not resist getting a shot of the beautiful sunsets here!

While waiting for the college tour I noticed old yearbooks sitting on a shelf.  They had the year I was there 1990-1991 so I had to open it up and see if I could find me!  Yes...I was in there, however I do not remember every having my picture taken for anything other than my ID card.  

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Jenny Moore said...

What a great trip and a fun walk down memory lane!!!! Love Rexburg!!!