Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mormal 2014

Mormon + Prom= Mormal!

This years Mormal was held at the RSM Bell Tower.  This is a night that my girls were looking forward to.  Yes my girls go to their high school dances, but Mormal is in an environment that is so much more comfortable for them.  Everyone is dressed modestly, the music and language is clean and the dancing is appropriate.  It is a night to be influenced by the positive!

Madalyn was asked by a boy she has known for years named Max Esplin.  He is a great guy and treated her really good at the dance.  

Best looking couple award!

Madalyn and Addison

Mackenzie was set up on a blind date for Mormal with a boy and a bunch of people she did not know.  Luckily she is an extrovert and can have fun with anyone!  Her date (Philip) was really nice.

"Blind date"

 One of the hard parts of having two girls one year apart in school and dating age is when there is a formal dance they each have their own friends to go with.  That leaves me running all over town trying to get pictures of them with their dates and groups.  It can be a struggle.  It also means that neither girl is ready at the same time so I do not get any pictures of them together.  So I was so happy to receive a text from Luke Blais...he took a picture of the girls together at the dance that night!  I loved seeing their beautiful faces.  I know I am bias, but I am so blessed to have two beautiful teenage daughters inside and out!

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Jenny Moore said...

You should be biased!! You've got two gorgeous daughters!!!