Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rock Band and 18th Birthday Celebration

 Happy 18th birthday Mackenzie!  Today you become an "adult".  We love you and are so proud of the things you have accomplished in your life so far and look forward to watching you grow as you go to college and live on your own for the first time!

Mackenzie has been taking a commercial music class at her high school.  The class is broken up into mini bands in which each month those in the group have to learn a new song based on a given theme. They can pick the song, but it needs to fall into the theme.  Mackenzie LOVES this class as she LOVES music!  She learned how to play the bass and she also performed some vocals.  The teacher chose the two best bands in their class to perform for the entire school during lunch.  Mackenzie's group was picked and their performance date was 2/12/14.....her birthday!!  She was so excited.  I was excited she wanted me to come and watch.
 They were so good!  They performed Baracuda, I'm Just a Girl and Tightrope.

The band: Brett, Mackenzie, Cassie and Tyler

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