Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another one bites the dust....

 It was Madalyn's turn to get her wisdom teeth out!  We were hoping to wait until next year so we did not have to pay cash ($3100) for wisdom teeth in one year, however they were really hurting her so we could not put it off.   However with her busy summer girls camp, Ecuador, Youth Conference, Wedding in Utah and tennis try outs she was really limited on her time to be able to get them out.  So the day after girls camp I drove her to Dr. Spoolstra's office and he took them out!  We are blessed to have family in the business!
 Here we are waiting to go back...
Getting Prepped to be put to sleep...nighty night!  She was not nervous at all!  

 During the surgery...

After it was all over Grandma took good care of Madalyn.  Madalyn kept her entertained with her funny comments!  From thinking the doctor cut out her tongue, to being worried about the pulseox on her finger and to making sure Dr. Spoolstra knew he loved her!  She was hilarious!

 Grandma took full advantage of the situation and kept telling her she loved her and Madalyn would always reply back "I love you too Grandma?"  (with enthusiasm)
She did great with the entire procedure and has enjoyed some down time recovering after a busy week at camp!

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