Friday, January 4, 2013

Loss of Wisdom...

Mackenzie got her wisdom teeth out on the last Friday of the Christmas break.  They have been bothering her for about 8 months, but we had to wait until our HSA account replenished in the new year since we do not have dental insurance.  She was hesitant to do it over the break because her social life is too important to be stopped haha!  When the opportunity arrived for Dr. Spoolstra to remove them she finally agreed.  It was last minute, but I am glad she finally got them out!

Since Dr. Spoolstra is a friend of my mom's because of being in the dental field he gave us a discount and let my mom be in there to take pictures.

Here she is before waiting to get her IV...she was so dehydrated he had to look in three different spots then finally relinquished and put in it her hand.  Did not faze her one bit (definetly does not get that from me..I HATE IV's)!


Here she is during the procedure which took all of 15 minutes.

Here is an aftershot with Grandma Wright.   

Her siblings were all hoping for some funny video footage when she woke up, but there was none.  Her first words were where is my phone I need to snapchat this!  She was a great patient!

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Kenzie said...

Dont lie! Those werent my first words! You said "who do you want me to send this picture too?"