Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Ryan was out of town for 3 1/2 weeks and it was Pinewood Derby time...yikes!  I am not good at this type of stuff nor, I will admit, do I want to be good at it!  So for my benefit Trevor chose a simple cut car.  Then he decided, in honor of Elder Shipp aka Scooter, to paint the South African flag on his car.  Elder Shipp would be coming home exactly one week after the Pinewood Derby so he thought this was perfect!  He named his car "The Elder"!

Grandpa Wright came down the night of incase there were any problems with the car.  As it turns out it was .2 oz too heavy so here he is helping Trevor remove a few weights.

Trevor loves the Pinewood Derby and was sad this was his last one as a scout!

Lined up and ready to race!  He did not have one of the fasted cars this year, but he did win a few races and had lots of fun!  3/4 way through the races the wood chipped by the front wheel and the wheel broke off.  Luckily I am good with a glue gun and could glue it all back together :)!

He got the "Best Paint Job" Award!

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