Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy 85th Birthday Grandma!!

Every year, since I can remember, our family has a pool party at my mom's house on Memorial Day to celebrate my Grandma Dickson's birthday.  This year was no different.  We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather and had a great time celebrating 85 years of Grandma.  

Growing up I got to spend a lot of time with my Grandma and Grandpa.  They were always a constant in my life.  Some of my favorite memories are:

  • sittng in their bed eating peach ice cream while watching Lawrence Welk
  • having my own tea pot and cups for my morning hot chocolate
  • making Grandpa his "Sanca" coffee 
  • walking to the Del Taco for lunch
  • Grandma taking me to my first tennis lesson.  She loved to play and thought I should also...I did!
  • Swimming in their community pool
  • Wearing Grandma's house dress as a robe
  • Making apple salad and sun ice tea
  • Getting in trouble because while Grandpa was a work Grandma would take me for ice cream.  As soon as Grandpa got home I would tell him....I did not know that it was suppose to be "our little secret"!
  • A trip to Florida and Hawaii with my Grandparents while in elementary school.   Perks of my grandma being a travel agent!
  • Having the entire family come over to decorate their home and tree for Christmas


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Jennifer said...

We are very blessed to have a grandma who is living into her 80's (and maybe 90's!!) I was just talking about my trip to Hawaii with Wayne today. It is the only time I have been there. I really do miss all of us getting together to decorate for Christmas. Great memories!