Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweet 16!!!

We cannot believe it has been 16 years ago that this beautiful girl made us parents for the first time!  After 27 hours of hard labor Mackenzie Brooke Jones made her grand debut!  She has taught us so do not drive around for hours in the car so she can take a nap, binkie's are heaven sent, baking soda is a colicy baby miracle and that our hearts never knew they could love someone so much it hurts!

One year old:

Three years old:

Six years old:

Fourteen years old:

She is full of sassy sauce!

She misses her cousin, Scooter, who is due home from his mission in 7 1/2 months!

What a cute pioneer...trek 2011

Sixteen brings many changes....driving, job, dating.....

She is so excited for all of the above!

This is how she feel about turning 16.......

Of course we had to include a picture of her and her best friend/sister...Madalyn.  These two are 16 months apart and do not remember life without each other. 
They are partners in crime and best friends.  
That makes us smile!


Kari said...

She is beautiful! Happy sweet 16 Mackenzie!

Jenny Moore said...

I agree with the above comment!! She is indeed beautiful and a great young lady!!!