Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maui without kids 2012

 Our good friends Matt and Kari Call moved from Ladera Ranch to Longmont, Colorado.  We were in the same ward and had daughters and sons the same age.  Kari and Danielle were early morning walking buddies and our kids were really good friends.  It was sad having them move away.  We were missing each other so we decided to take a kidless trip to Maui!

 Matt got stung by a jelly fish when he and Ryan were climbing Black Rock to jump off.  It was extremely painful!  The lifeguards sprayed it with vinegar to kill it and Ryan had to wheel him off the beach in this fancy wheelchair!

 We went whale watching in this tiny boat.  It was great to see the whales unclose, but Danielle was so seasick that she could not enjoy it.

 While there Randy and Cathy surprised us so we were able to hang out with them also!

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