Saturday, December 17, 2011

She survived!

Mackenzie loves to play this.....
However she was born with a plica in the joint of her left knee.  This "plica" is a band of tissue about the size of an index finger.  Only about 5% of the population is born with this.  If those born with it are athletes it will get filled with fluid and inflamed causing knee pain and the knee to "give out".  Mackenzie was suffering from all these symptoms so she had the "plica" removed.  

She was super brave..did not flinch at the IV, came out of anethesia like a champ and has been recovering pretty well.  Today we changed her bandages and were surprised when we saw this.......
BLOOD.....lots of it!  This is just a sample.  It continues to ooze blood, but I am sure she will be fine in a few days.  She has been able to get up and walk on it a little and do her doctor ordered exercises every hour.  The doctor said it was a good decision to remove the plica because it was right at the bend of her knee and very inflamed.  He said once she recovers she should be pain free!

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