Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cub Daycamp June 2011

This was Trevor's first year at cub daycamp.  It was held 15 minutes from where we live at O'Neill Regional Park.  Every morning the boys would meet in the Avendale parking lot and then we would carpool to camp. 

Here is our group of boys (notice the crazy orange hair?  It was so hard keeping track of them because all the boys wear the same shirt so our leader thought it would be fun to color their hair so we would know that they belong to us!).

I worked at cub camp on Wednesday.  Since my older two were away at girls camp I put Meredith in the siblings camp.  She ended up having archery with us at the same time so we got to see her.  It was so cute to see them be so excited to see eachother!!

Since the girls were gone alot this summer the three of us had lots of hanging out time.  It reminded me just how easy having only two kids can be!

Here we are in workshop.  The "boys" were making a tool box.  Well, something must have happened the day before because our troop of boys were all so behind in cutting their wood. So here is Stephanie and I jamming to get our sons tool box finished.  It was actually pretty hilarious...our time was up and we kept telling them to "hold on"...we knew if we did not finish there it would never get done at home.  Sooo long story short...Stephanie and I made these great tool boxes...hahahaha!!!

Trevor's favorite events of the week were archery and the water games.  He actually made a bullseye and was one of the "chosen" few that could pass the magic line to get his picture taken with the bullseye!

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