Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Dance (semi-birthday) Party!

In our house the kids get to have a big "friend" party every other year.  This was an "off" year for Mackenzie.  Since her birthday was on the same day as the RSM Dance I suggested she have a few friends over for a "pre-dance" party. 

A few of her closest friends (about 30 of them) descended on our home last night!

We decorated with a Valentine theme and set the mood:

They jumped on the trampoline:

Played Wii Sport Resort:

Posed for pictures:

Honored Mackenzie with a crown and "Happy Birthday" song:

Just hung out and acted like silly teenagers:

Before everyone departed for the dance I took a group shot of all who were there.  Our small gathering of a few friends ended up looking like this:  (and this is not even close to all her friends)

Happy 15th Birthday Mackenzie!!!!!

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