Saturday, January 8, 2011

Meredith's birthday celebrations!

 Meredith started her birthday weekend with mom bringing her lunch from McDonalds at school.  In the evening she celebrated at Farrell's with a carmel sundae!  She loved standing on the chairs and having everyone sing her her!
Saturday was her friend "baking themed" party.
 Each girl got these darling aprons when they arrived.  We made homemade strawberry freezer jam:

 The girls made their own lunch (pb&j sandwiches with their homemade jam):

 They played some classic games, jumped on the trampoline, decorated cupcakes and opened presents:

 These are a bunch of great girls!  There were so many more that Meredith wanted to invite, but unfortunately I could not handle 30+ girls.  She sure has a lot of friends!

 On Sunday we celebrated her birthday with the family.  She got "Twinkle Toes" by Sketchers from Grandpa and Grandma Wright.  She has wanted these shoes so badly and was so excited to finally get a pair!

 The kids loved the blue frosting!
Our gift to her was the rip rider:

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