Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ROADSHOW 2010 "It's Not Over Till It's Over There"

This year I had the priviledge to be involved with our ward's Roadshow.  The theme was "It's Original".  Our show was set in the 1940's.  The girls all had to learn how to tap dance and the boys did a stomp number that was a huge hit!  Together they did a swing dance.  Madalyn literally was thrown around and twirled by another YM in our ward.  This really made our youth step out of their box in trying something that was difficult.  They nailed it!  Our youth did an OUTSTANDING job and got a ton of compliments from those in the audience.  I was amazed by our youth.  There was NO DRAMA and everyone had a fantastic time! 
Unfortunately I was backstage the entire time so I have no live shots of them performing.  Luckily it is being put on a DVD so I can view it later! 

Austin, Kolton, Madalyn and Samantha
Besties!!  Such great girls!


Grandma said...

They did an awesome job!!! The stomp dance was amazing. Great group of kids you work with!

Jenny Moore said...

I'm glad some wards still do Road Shows...those were some of the best times growing up!
Yours looked great!!!!