Saturday, February 20, 2010

Palm Springs 2010

Over Presidents Day Weekend our family decided to have a little get away in Palm Springs and go sledding. I know that when most people think Palm Springs they think HOT, but not if you take the Palm Springs Ariel Tram up to the mountain. On the bottom of the mountain the tempurature is high 70's, but the top of the mountain has beautiful, powder snow!

I forgot to pack Meredith's long underwear for under her bibs, so we had to make due with what we had packed: soccer socks, pajama bottoms, and Trevor's long sleeve shirt. She was sure a fashion statement! Here is right after we got off the tram:
Hiking to scout out a good hill. We put the gear on the sled. I am still unable to sled so we brought a chair along for me to sit in. I was the designated photographer. Thank heaven's for the sled to carry our gear!

Meredith after a face plant at the end of the slope!

Madalyn "ate it" at the end of the slope too!

Trevor and Mackenzie:

One cool snowman!

Later that night we had Mexican food for Mackenzie's birthday dinner
The next day we spent doing this:
How lucky were we to go sledding one day and swimming the next. While I was unable to fully participate in either activity we sure had a good time as a family. I look forward to going back when I can actually sled and swim. We stayed at the Westin Villas and the facility was beautiful! The weather was in the low 80's- perfect!

The kids loved the waterslide.


Becca Jones said...

Fun, fun, FUN! I'm still too much of a baby to head out to the pool here.... I'm banking on Spring Break! xoxo

Grandma said...

I love seeing the clothes. Some of which I recognize. So happy that you all had such a good time.

ashcraft8 said...

What a fun weekend vacation! Definatly something to look into.