Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Sixth Birthday Meredith!!!

Better late than never....
Meredith's birthday was on January 7th, but I did not post that sorry! We will be taking her to the American Girl store so she can pick out her first American Girl Doll in the next few months. But as for her actual birthday Meredith celebrated her sixth birthday on a Mexican cruise with her Grandma and Grandpa Wright. She celebrated with style! She says that she is so spoiled she stinks :o!!
Can you believe our big girl was once this small???Showing off her coconuts at age 3:

Meredith started kindergarten this year and mom has sure missed having her home. Luckily she gets out of school at 11:15 a.m. so she can still be mom's shopping buddy. Meredith has added such a sweet spirit into our home. She is a very helpful, caring, funny, obedient little girl. In Trevor's words: "she's AWESOME". She prides herself on being helpful.
Here are some more recent pictures of mom's little buddy.

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Jenny Moore said...

What a cute girl!!
I love your family picture on the top, that's a great shot!!!