Sunday, December 20, 2009


Epcot Center was lots of fun. We enjoyed the different countries and also the test track. This squirrel decided he wanted the peanuts we were eating with our lunch. He came rite up to us and just sat with us and ate. What a spoiled squirrel!


Scooter was pulled out of the audience in Italy to be the "joker" in the play who did "absolutely nothing"!! It was so funny!
United States:

Great Brittain:

Cousin love:

There was a Coca Cola store there that let us sample coke from all around the world. Most of them had a "fruity" taste and were not too bad. However the one from Italy left the most disgusting aftertaste in our mouth- it was gross!!
Here are all the different flavors we tried:

Trevor got to be part of a game show in Innoventions:

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