Wednesday, June 17, 2009

End of the school year craziness!!!

It is definetly June as we have been so busy with end of the year performances, parties, awards that we are going crazy! Here is a sneak peak of a few of the things we did the past two weeks:

Meredith's three Singers Company performances (pictured with Grandpa Jones, Grandma Wright and Grandpa Wright): Mackenzie was voted "Most likely to perform on Broadway" by her choir peers:
Here are Mackenzie and Madalyn with their choir teacher Ms. Tarleton. Kuddo's to Ms. T for all the dedication she puts into her job! She also teaches Trevor's music (1-3 grade) and the High School Choir. She is so busy, yet is able to put herself 100% into each group! Thanks for everything!!!
( P.s.- Mackenzie still looks more like your daughter than mine!)

No, my children do not normally dress like this! They sang a medley of 60's and 80's songs so they are dressing the part.
Madalyn with a group of girlfriends after their last performance:

Trevor just before his 1st grade concert:

Three more parties, our anniversary, Father's Day, girls camp and Madalyn's birthday to go......
is it summer yet???

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denise said...

End of school is like December - far too many things going on.