Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

FINALLY an Easter post! The weather was beautiful for Easter. We started the day with church. Mackenzie and I sang in the choir. We sang "Remember the Lilies" and "God So Loved the World". We have a fantastic choir director who really knows how to pick beautiful music! I also spoke in Sacrament. It was so great to have the week to study the life of Christ as I prepared for my talk. Here the kids are before church. It was recycle year as Meredith wore a dress that Mackenzie wore for a family member's wedding when she was 5 years old and Madalyn wore an old dress of Mackenzie's. Good thing Mackenzie takes good care of her clothes!!! They all look great!
Here are my two favorite (and very handsome) men:

After church we drove up to my Aunt Debbie's house in Long Beach for the annual Easter egg hunt and dinner. There were probably 300+ eggs hidden this year! Most of them had money in them so luckily we were not sent home with too much candy :o)!

The girls still consider themselves young enough to find eggs. Hey who isn't?? I would do it if I could!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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Jenny Moore said...

What an awesome opportunity to speak on Easter...that would be an "easier" topic than others. I'm sure you did a great job!!
Your kiddos look super cute in their spring wear!!