Monday, March 23, 2009

Whale Watching

Meredith and I took an outing together last week. We went whale watching with a bunch of friends from church. We took a boat out of Dana Point and it was a two hour trip. The sun was shining and the dolphins, sea lions and one whale were out to entertain us! Within the first ten minutes we saw a large school of black dolphins, then we saw some sea lions swimming, then some black and white stripped dolphins. Lastly we saw a gray whale. He gave us a show by jumping out of the water and showing his tale. It was so spectacular!

Unfortunately my camera battery died before I could even take one picture. Thanks Kristi for sending me these photos! In Meredith's words "this was the best day ever!"


ashcraft8 said...

What a great adventure! Your so lucky to have had so much activity going on. A day she'll always remember.

Becca Jones said...

Presh. Love this.