Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Very Happy Birthday to Sir Ryan and Sir Trevor!

Trevor has been asking to go to Medieval Times to see the knights joust for awhile now so we decided to go for Ryan and Trevor's family birthday. We started the evening being assigned to the blue knight and getting a group photo: Then we got a picture of all the cousins with Grandpa Jones
We had great seats at the end of the ring in the second and third rows. The kids loved eating with their hands! The dinner included a tomatoe bisque, half roasted chicken, rib, potatoe, garlic bread and an apple pastry. Meredith loved the servers because she said they looked like princesses!

Trevor was mesmerized by all the excitement. The jousting, sword fighting, horse games, etc. He loved it all- worth every penny!!
Here is our blue knight. He won the first round and threw Trevor the first red carnation of the night! Trevor thought he was so important!! I must say though that the knight had a secret crush on my niece Rachel- he made sure she got a flower from him later in the evening! Shout out to Rachel and her knight in shining (or blue) armor!!!!
At the end of the evening Trevor got to open some presents. Here is one of the favorites:

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Jennifer said...

We went there for Wayne's birthday a couple years ago. Kya was 20 months and Seth was 4 months. What were we thinking!?! I had Seth strapped to me and Kya kept going from one person to the next because I refused to pay $40 for her to have her own seat when there was no way she would eat all that food. We will have to go back in a few years when the kids are old enough to enjoy it. I also want to check out the Pirate one down the street.