Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Arrow of Light

Thanks to Trevor's scout leader, Linda Foth, he received his Arrow of Light in July!  Being completely new to scouting (no brothers growing up) I was so thankful for Linda's help in teaching me!  Trevor loves scouts!  Probably because it is all "boy" stuff.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy 11th Birthday Trevor!!

Happy 11th Birthday Trevor!!  We are so happy you are part of our family!  Your enthusiasm and curiosity for life keep us going!  You are a boy of many questions and stories to tell.  Thank you for being such a great kid...kind, compassionate, athletic, spiritual and of course a singer :)!  

3 years old

4 years old
5 years old

This boy has an arm!!

First musical debut...Music Man!

He is not a fan of scary things so this was huge for him to stand with this mummy!!

Happy 11th Birthday!  Good luck in Middle School!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Humanitarian Experience for Youth 2013 Ecuador

Madalyn had the unique experience of traveling to Ecuador to help with a humanitarian project in Cuenca, Ecuador for 2 1/2 weeks.  She and 19 other girls helped build housing for the volunteers three days a week and worked with orphans two days a week.  The work was hard, but yet rewarding.  Watching 4 day old babies lay in their crib and the only time they were able to be held was when they were being fed was hard.  Watching two kids get adopted was rewarding, but watching the boy "left behind" cry was hard.  Building a foundation out of concrete and large rocks was hard work, knowing that those who work in the orphanage will have a place to live was rewarding!  
The trip started with four different plane trips to get to the city of Quito.

 There were four girls to a room:

They spent the first few days in the city of Quito doing fun things.  They went zip lining through a rain forest, hiked and swam in a waterfall and visited a butterfly museum...with very large butterflies!

 They visited some Inca Ruins.  Madalyn said that it is absolutely beautiful there and pictures do not do it justice!

Her trip leaders:  Madeliene and Kyra

inside a Catholic Cathedral

The flower mart
Ready to Zipline!
Girls in the Church they attended while there

 The girls were able to perform baptisms in the Guayquil, Ecuador Temple the night before they came home to America.  The area around the Temple was so scetchy and not safe, but she loved the Temple grounds!

Halfway through the trip Madalyn got to call home and check in and share what she was doing!  We were so happy to talk to her and hear the joy in her voice!!
 This is what the housing looks like that they are building.  There are not a lot of pictures of the worksite because photos are not allowed.  There are no pictures in the orphanage for the privacy of the children.

 She enjoyed the food...rice and beans!  She did not enjoy all the bread and fried bananas!

Welcome Home!  After 4 different flights home Madalyn finally arrived at LAX at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning!  No one wanted to miss her homecoming so we all stayed awake to greet her!

 Here is a picture of her wounds of honor!  She had bites and bruises all over her legs!  She does not like this picture, but I think it is an honor to the hard work she did and the sacrifices she made!