Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mackenzie's Homecoming 2013

Being Mackenzie's Senior year she decided to do things differently this year.  She invited a few friends over for dinner at our house then went to the dance.  No boyfriends/girlfriends allowed!  Just a fun night of friendship!

 Charlie's Angel pose with two of the boys from church.  She has known them for many years and we are sure happy she has such great male youth role models!

Mackenzie and her friend Madeliene

 Here is a shot of the entire group.  The boy on the far left is Leo Moneymaker.  I had to throw that out there because I LOVE his name!  Not only does he have a cool name, he can play the Ukeleli and sing great!  He entertained us the entire night!

Their version of an awkward family photo

Dinner is served

Mackenzie looked beautiful! Her hair was beyond gorgeous!

Madalyn's Homecoming 2013

Madalyn had the opportunity to go to homecoming with a boy she has been really good friends with for many years.  He showed up at our house one Saturday with this sign and 11 fish.  

She answered with a bag of goldfish with one swedish fish in the mix.
 The evening started with Jacob picking Madalyn up from the house where they exchanged boutenier and corsages.  Then they drove down to Laguna Beach to meet up with all their friends for pictures and dinner.  I could not go because I was hosting a group of Mackenzie's friends for a pre-homecoming dinner.  Luckily I have photographer friends who shared some pictures of my girl!

Here is the whole group!  The majority of these kids Madalyn has grown up with!  She is really lucky to have such a great group of friends!

Madalyn looked absolutely stunning!
Dinner at BJ's

Madalyn and Claire
After the dance they went to In and Out for some dinner then had an interesting experience with a cop in the church parking lot!  One to remember and laugh at!

Monday, September 9, 2013

First day of school was a huge success!  The older girls had to wear their "Link Crew" t-shirts the first day so there will be "second day of school" picture later.  Link Crew is a service organization that the girls are part of.  During the last few weeks of summer they are assigned to a group of freshman to play "get to know you" games with, give them a tour of the campus and make them feel comfortable as they start out high school.  On the first day they have to wear the t-shirts so freshman can ask them questions  if they need too!

Trevor officially started middle school (6th grade) this year!  He was excited to have six different classes and a locker of his own!  However after the first week of school he said it is "kinda boring".  Boys need recess!  He was happy when they finally started dressing out and participating in PE!

Meredith is my last elementary school kid! She started 4th grade.  She is in Mrs. Schuh's class and she loves school!!

Meredith got a picture with two of her dearest friends.  Brianna (she is in 5th grade) thought Meredith was tall!  They are exactly one year apart in age!  

This is Izzi.  They were excited to be in the same class this year!

Here is Madalyn's second day of school outfit.  She is a Junior this year and has started the year off great!!

Mackenzie is a BIG Senior this year!  She is busy filling out college applications and enjoying hanging out with friends during her "free" 4th period.

Trevor needed book covers for a few of his classes this year.  I searched all over for the stretchy covers, but they were all sold out.  So I reverted to "old school" book covers.  I actually like them better!