Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trevor's 9th Birthday Celebration!

Since Trevor's birthday fell on a Friday this year he was able to have his friend party on his actual birthday.  It was a "water themed" party that I was able to throw together in two days!  Luckily we used a lot of left over decorations from Madalyn's party last month!

Each boy got to take home a bubble wand and sea creature gummies:

Here is Trevor with his cake that he was super proud of!

As the table centerpiece I put the goldfish that Trevor and Meredith won at our Pioneer Picnic last week on the table.  The fish died.....boys thought that was funny!

He got money from Grandpa and Grandma Wright along with Harry Potter Legos.  He was so excited about the Lego's that he stayed up late that night to finish putting it together! He also got three Power Balance bracelets.  Yes, we know they do not work, but he thinks they are "so cool"!

Meredith has no idea how lucky she is to have a brother 17 months older than her...the only girl among a sea of boys..haha!!

The boys played a few water games, ate dinner then played the donut from the string game:

Mackenzie and Madalyn had to get in on the donut action too!  Since it was a bit warm out the chocolate got all over the kids faces!  They loved this game! I loved that I could send them outback to the pool to clean all the chocolate off!

 Hope you had a great birthday Bud!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Trevor!

Nine years ago today Trevor joined our family!  He brought a whole new dynamic to our family.  Being the only boy of three girls you can be sure he recieves a lot of "flack" from his sisters.  They think he is "gross"!  But he really is just a "boy"...through and through!

As a little boy he loved horses so I thought I would add this one in the mix:

Here he is with his best friend and sister Meredith.  They really are best friends!  When Trevor has an opportunity to use the "dollars" he earns at school to buy something from the treasure box he usually will buy something for Meredith first then something for himself.  He is very thoughtful!

Treovr LOVES celebrating his birthday!!  He gets so excited and counts the days down until his big day.  When someone wishes him "Happy Birthday"  he gets a big smile on his face!

Happy birthday Trevor!!! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

While the older girls were at EFY we had a quiet 4th of July at home with the younger two.  It was a super fun day!  I had forgotten how easy having only two kids could be!

Here is Meredith and Ryan making the traditional homemade ice cream!

We set up the slip and slide in the park next to our home.  Afterall we did not want to ruin our own grass :)!  They had a blast sliding on the slide and evenually having a water fight with eachother!

The rest of the day was spent swimming, barbequing and watching our community fireworks.  We are always amazed at the great firework show Ladera puts on.  It was super long and ended with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...gotta love it!

Especially For Youth 2011

The week of July 4th both girls had the opportunity to attend EFY in Provo, Utah.  They were at Brigham Young University in the Yellow group.  They each brought a friend, but they were in the same company.  Both girls had an amazing time!  They met new friends, got crazy, attended many classes that taught them so much, grew spiritually and gained a stronger testimony of the gospel.

Each company had to come up with their own group name.  Our girls company was "meat house" from the scripture Malachi 3:10.  They had to come up with a name for their group based on that scripture...some of the options were "prove me now" or "windows of heaven" their group chose "MEAT HOUSE".  They are soo funny! Crazy teenagers!

Mackenzie in the cirlce of Presidents.  All these kids are President over their church groups.

This is a very unattractive picture of Madalyn and Spencer, but I had to put it in because I did not have the picture of his proposing to her. 

Their cousin Dallin was there the same week so they were able to see him too!

Here is Mackenzie with their EFY counselors Charlie and Ariel.  They absolutely adored their counselors!