Sunday, January 18, 2009

I want this...

On etsy today I found these fabulous charms!! Here are just a few:
For the girl getting baptised:

In honor of Sister Jones' talk at the adult session of Stake Conference last night:

Here is one of the 20 that I loved for myself:

These charms are only $7.95 each- what a great gift! Check them out at:


I played "catch up" tonight so there are lots of post below....

Dancing Queen

Mackenzie's musical theater company performed "Dancing Queen" this past week. This was an edited version of Mama Mia. She had a great time performing. She has been lucky enough to make it into the elite class. It has been fun watching some the girls voices and talents grow.
Mackenzie was one of Sophie's friends.

Now onto Hairspray.......

Meredith's Family Party

We celebrated Randy, Meredith and Cathy's birthday together last weekend. We will not tell who is older! Meredith got a new bike:
Here she is all "princessed" out and ready for her celebration:

Meredith's friend party

Meredith had her friend party at California Elite- a gymnastics place. I had bought this party last April at a Class Size Reduction auction for a great deal. Meredith was not sure she wanted her party here, but since I had already paid for it she had no choice :o)! As it turns out she had a blast with all her friends!
She insisted on pink and purple cupcakes:

Her party favors were clipboards ($1 bin at Target) with get pens for the girls and a batman water bottle and pen for the boys. It was a great party!

Meredith at Disneyland

We took advantage of Disney's Birthday deal on Meredith's birthday. Since she is an annual passholder she was given Birthday dollars in the amount of $59.00 to spend on Disney merchandise. She thought she was so cool being able to buy all the things I would normally not buy her! Here are her two first purchases:
Here is what $59.00 will get you in Disney merchandise:

Sleeping Beauty light up swirly thing, Minnie Mouse cup, Princess Minnie ears with her name on it, a pricess wallet, a "Hannah Montana" jibitt and a Minnie Mouse jibbit. Not too bad! It was a great way to start off all her birthday celebrations!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Meredith!!!

Who knew that my preemie of 4 lbs. 10 oz. and 16" long would grow up so fast to become the biggest child at church, in the neighborhood and at school! We are so happy you came to our family. You have brought all of us so much joy and laughter. Let's have fun at Disneyland today- just you and me (mom)!Here is Meredith at two weeks. Can you find her?